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Silver Therapies
on the Grand Union Canal

Silver Therapies is based on a canal boat on the grand union canal between Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes.

Groups held at Tottenhoe, Bedfordshire.


Sonia is a Therapist who in 15 years has trained in many conventional and unconventional ways.


Reiki & Reiki teaching
Past Life Regression
Energy Clearing


Depending on where the boat is, our location changes every 2 weeks. We will always be in Leighton Buzzard or Milton Keynes.

After years of suffering from Anxiety, Hypnotherapy and EFT with Sonia has helped me to claim my life back and I can't thank her enough!

Andrea S.


Sonia Gentle


Sonia is a Therapist who in 15 years has trained in many conventional and unconventional ways. She has experienced many different situations in her own life. Life has been Good, Tough, Hard, Amazing, Heartbreaking, Humbling, Exciting, Sad and the list goes on.


She believes that to help others, all these experiences have been lessons in life to help know how other people feel with true empathy and understanding. 

A Time For Change

We can sometimes feel like we are walking through thick mud, making us feel tired, exhausted and make us feel we are getting no where fast and not progressing, it's a time for change.

Psychical Beings

We are psychical beings surrounded by energy, that energy needs looking after and nurturing, but the hard knocks we get in life, dent and push holes into our energy field and we can begin to feel that our bodies are not grounded or balanced, which can stop us from moving forward in life.


The way Sonia works is to clear the old energy and bring in the new energies that you need to move forward in life, using her intuition and working with her clients to clear issues mentally and emotionally which in turn aids the psychical body.


Sonia aims to reply to all requests within 24 hours (usually a lot sooner).

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Pricing Table


Pay In Session

2 hour session


Pay In Session

1 Hour session

Group sessions available from £10/pp


Pay In Session

45 minute session

1.5 hours session – £45


Pay In Session

45 mins

1.5 hours £45


Pay In Session

2 hour session

Extended past life regression – £65

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